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Water supply

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Changhong water supply system

Changhong is a new but amazing, professional manufacturer of pipes and water-saving materials. With high quality products and professional technical services, Changhong has won wide recognition in this industry.

Changhong's advantages

We focused on the details of each component in accordance with the highest standards of design and production, perfect rendering system advantage. We provide professional design and installation scenarios, your acknowledgment are our pursuit.

1)Precise design

2)Strict construction

3)Comprehensive sale service

Changhong pipes use the highest quality materials to solve building water supply problems. In the case of meeting the project scale and in accordance with customer's demand for raw materials, polypropylene PP-R hot and cold water pipes are respectively made from superior PP-R raw materials such as the Nordic chemical RA130E-8427, Korean RP2400, Yanshan petrochemical C4220 as well as the Nordic chemical PP-RCT raw materials and produced by advanced extrusion and servo injection molding production line.

Characteristics and advantages of Changhong's products

◆ Good thermal performance

Under standard design pressure, long-term usage temperature of PP-R pipe can reach 70℃.

◆ Piping connection security

Using hot melting or electric smelting, the strength at the interface of stretching, bending and impact is higher than the pipe body.

◆ Environmentally friendly, and non-toxic

PP-R's material is polypropylene which is hygienic, non-toxic, stainless and water-protecting. During the process of construction and use, it won't cause any pollution to the environment, is a healthy and Eco-friendly green building material and its sanitary performance is in accordance with GB/T 17219-1998.

◆ Good corrosion resistance

Except water, strong oxidizing agents and copper, it can resist much chemical erosion.

◆ Small flow resistance

The wall of pipe is smooth without curding, its special structural design of socket weld fittings can ensure effective path, never decreasing flow. The coefficient of friction is only about 0.007, much lower than metal pipes and water capacity is 30% higher compared with the same specifications metal pipes.

◆ Little expansion force

Because of its small elastic membrane, the expansion force caused by temperature changes is small. So the pipe should be embedded in the walls and floor using straight buried underground construction. Light weight and easy to carry can significantly reduce the cost of handling, transportation, and installation.